Our Priorites

Focal Emphasis

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Employability Skilling

Agriculture & Environment

Leadership & Culture

Business Management

Institutional Capacity Development

Creating Opportunities for the young

Our Areas of Focus

Strategically, we:

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  • We advocate for inclusive education
  • We encourage and support caregivers to sustainably address the educational, nutritional, livelihood and health needs of their households and communities.
  • We promote literacy and the habit of reading in primary and secondary schools for improved learning outcomes
  • We equip older children with contemporary vocational, non-formal, job, and employment skills in for example music, dance and drama, tailoring, knitting, catering, hairdressing, chalk making, liquid soap making, book making, carpentry, etc.
  • We work in partnerships initiated and formed with agencies/companies/institutions with programmes related to ours E.g. Artisan Centers, CSOs, Corporate companies, MDD groups/bands, vocational schools, umbrella bodies, shelters/homes, health facilities, etc.
  • We withdraw children from hazardous/worst forms of child labour, rehabilitate them and reintegrate them in the education system –formal and/or informal.
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  • We do human rights education and promote human rights observance, monitoring and reporting. We have mainstreamed human rights education, observance and monitoring in all organizational programmes and operations.
  • We have a robust cultural and leadership Development Program that actually works for the current generation of young persons introduced to make them constructive citizens.
  • We build capacities of young persons and community members for them to adeptly engage in sustainable modern agricultural and environmental protection programmes.
  • We equip youth and caregivers with winning skills in entrepreneurship, business development, savings and loan schemes
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  • Building the capacities of the Board, management, staff and volunteers of HUYSLINCI to ably perform organizational obligations and make it more efficient, effective, relevant and self-sustaining.
  • Developing and operationalizing additional systems, policies and procedures aimed at making HUYSLINCI a vibrant organization.
  • Turning the HUYSLINCI child and youth development centre into a more attractive hub of excellence
  • Strengthening  the HUYSLINCI monitoring, learning and evaluation system
  • Restructuring the HUYSLINCI Forum/assembly to make it more vibrant with progressive membership involvement and development initiatives
  • Recruiting and maintaining the right staff in appropriate positions
  • Enhancing the culture of learning, sharing and networking

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